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OMG..like...it's been forever that I updated in this thing. *hangs head* I understand if people have unfriended me..there's no point in having someone on their friends list who NEVER updates. I am so sorry to the friends who HAVE kept me on. It means a lot.

A lot has been going on since I was last on here.

1) My boss got fired.

2) Got a new boss, she was a bitch.

3) Was called a racist so many times I was beginning to believe it would be easier to be one and accept everyones calls of it, than to NOT be one and deny. ((No one believes you, anyways.))

4) Met a WONDERFUL guy and now I'm engaged!! Image hosted by Photobucket.com

5) Am now planning to move out of the 'rents house FINALLY. Going to be living with Gustavo, the love of my life.

6) Quit the bitch of a job that had me on medication, making me think I was a complete nutjob.

7) Got a new job where I will be living (one city over), a technical support job for Virgin mobile. I am excited. I may hate the job, it may bore me to tears, but I DO NOT care, as long as I am away from the bitches where I used to work.

8) I'M ENGAGED! (Yeah, I know I already told you guys...but..dammit! I'm ENGAGED! ME!! ME! ENGAGED! Bwahaha!!)

I think that's about it. I know it was a bad update, but..consider yourselves updated. ;o)

Much love, hugs, and kisses,
Congratulations sweetie!!! I have been away so I didn't get the news because you didn't bother to come past and tell me ;) I am SO happy to see you happy. xx