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New address. YAY! Living with my fiancee now. It's fun and exciting..but...stressful at the same time. *sighs* Especially when you're trying to start out and you don't have a job. *scared* I'll find a job. Going to and drive around tomorrow, looking for someone, anyone who is hiring. I just hope I get a job soon. I am making my fiancee stress out and he shouldn't have to stress out THIS much. I'll get one eventually.

My apartment looks cool. I will take pictures and put them up the next time I am online. We don't have the internet, so we have to come to the library to get online, but you all can send me e-mails, I love e-mails.


I miss being on here all the time. I know I haven't commented in forever, but please don't take me off your lists. I promise, when I get the internet again, I will be checking up on all of you.

I love you all. Take care.

-Amie (AKA Ames, The Jaymez, Arnie)
I don't know when, or if, you'll get this. But I am calling past to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope it is both a great day and year for you.

Hoping things are going really well for you. xxx