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So..you wanna know what's going on in my life right now?

1) Sucky job
2) Everyone around me is getting sick
3) My mom included

So, I am sitting at work the other day, bored, and I decide to call my mom and talk, because it had been a couple of days. So...I call her up, and guess what she tells me. She had been diagnosed with cancer. 0.0!!!!!!!! I mean, c'mon...it's bad enough that my best friend's sister is sick. My husband's aunt just died of it. And now my mom? WHY!!??!! I mean, is it really so bad, God? Is Earth bad enough that you have to take the good ones and leave the bad ones? What have any of these people done?! NOTHING!! So my mom was rough on me growing up...so at times I thought she couldn't be any meaner! SO WHAT!!! She was never bad enough for me to wish anything like this on her! *SCREAMS!*

...I'm exhausted. Bye.
mail me if you want or need to talk. I am here for you xxx
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